Things you should know about KPL.

There are many controversies which the cricket world has come across but now this one is completely different. It is said that cricket is A gentleman’s game, how far we believe that bringing politics into cricket is the right thing to do ?This article will give you an idea about the things that are happening in and around us but still, we are unaware of it.

Source: Twitter handle of KPL

What is KPL?

Kashmir Premier League is a professional T20 league founded in 2021.

Tournament Format

Like IPL it’s a Double Round Robin, Playoffs method will be followed which means each team will face the opponent twice in the tournament the first four-team will make the playoffs. And we all know how the playoff works.


This is the main area of the controversy .It is conducted in P.O.K ( Pakistan Occupied Kashmir)


Pakistan Cricket Board ( PCB)

Total Teams

Consists of six teams from that 5 are from Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.


  1. Overseas warriors 
  2. Muzaffarabad tigers
  3. Rawalakot Hawks
  4. Mirpur royals
  5. Kotli Lions
  6. Bagh Stallions


  1. Imad Wasim
  2. Mohammad Hafeez
  3. Shahid Afridi
  4. Shoaib Malik
  5. Kamran Akmal
  6. Shadab Khan

Official Status  

The league is yet to get official status from ICC.

When It’s Scheduled:

 The first edition of the league is set to begin from 6th August 2021 to 16 August 2021.

Combination of players for a Team :

Each team must have five local Kashmir players other than that the teams will have Pakistan international star players and it is believed that some international stars will also join as the league proceeds. Some international stars who registered their name for KPL are T.Dilshan, H.Gibbs, M.Panesar, T.Best, M.Prior, etc.

BCCI’s Reaction

BCCI looks unhappy with the development of such a League due to various reasons, the reason is very clear .which is the rift between Pakistan occupied Kashmir and India.BCCI demands cricket South Africa and England cricket board not to send their players and they accepted to stop players from playing KPL.

 According to Pakistan cricketer, Rashid Latif BCCI has warned other cricket boards against allowing their player in the upcoming inaugural edition of KPL .in a Tweet he mentioned 

The reaction of Foreign Players :

many foreign players have kept themself away from this controversial League and still there are few players who are interested in playing the league and they have shown their unhappiness about BCCI’s involvement in this.

No Foreign Players Then?

The owner Muzaffarabad tigers Said Dilshan is Ready and he will be available for the entire Tournament he also added Dilshan’s participation is a slap in the face of BCCI and India. I have talked to Dilshan and he is excited to participate in KPL. He has already applied for a Pakistan visa. We welcome Dilshan on behalf of all Pakistan and Kashmiri fans,” said Tanoli.

So we believe that sports should be kept away from politics but there may be few situations that may arise when politics play a role in it. We all are aware of the issue related to POK and India after the Mumbai terrorist attack which is happened in 2008 Pakistan players were banned from playing IPL and now this is a new issue that is adding salt to the wound. Pakistan has already got its own domestic League PSL . Which has been a successful one. And now this wasn’t that necessary at this juncture. If they are really concerned about improving the quality of young players from P.O.K then they give them more chances in PSL or they can increase few teams in PSL. 

For BCCI it is better to ignore such kinds of activities and concentrate more on developing cricket in India. 

But the question that remains here is who is right and who is wrong ?? 

We will let you to decide !! Please give your opinion on the comments.