We are here with an interesting topic just to solve this mystery which has to figure out between Anderson and Cloud. You may have come across this thing many times but have you ever wondered why Anderson is called a clouderson ?? It’s time to put an end to those mysteries related to Anderson.

Greatest English fast bowler James Anderson also known as Jimmy Anderson has achieved a lot in international cricket as well as the domestic Circuit. He is the leading wicket-taker among fast bowlers and one of those greatest swing bowlers the game has ever produced. His ability to swing the ball away makes it difficult even for the top batsman in the world. He is Deadly in England and Wales conditions. The story completely becomes different outside England. These are the reason why he is considered deadly under cloudy conditions.

The Red Duke Ball

Duke balls smallest ones compared to SG and Kookaburra balls. Famous for their longevity they are considered the harshest ones for the batters. They have the ability to swing for long hours with a bit of extra bounce.

Their size is small and originated from east London in the 1760s. They are handcrafted where all the six stitches hold the ball together. Whereas in the case of kookaburras only four of the stitches hold the ball and the remaining two are for the decoration. Therefore, the Dukes’ ball has a better life than their other counterparts.

This should not be a surprise for many as we all know how the New Ball Swings. The Red Duke ball swings the other way as it gets old. It is the ability of the bowlers which makes it much difficult for the batsman when the ball moves away from them. Anderson has the ability to swing the ball both ways which makes him the deadliest bowler under the circumstances. 

The English weather condition 

   It will be a surprise when you come to know that Weather conditions play a vital role in swinging the ball. Air pressure is one of the factors in the swing, when more pressure is there, they acting as a medium when the ball is delivered. After the ball is released from the bowler throughout its course ball has to face the resistance by the air, which makes the ball slightly deviate from its path.  

In England where the weather condition is mostly overcast from April to August, due to that air pressure is always tends to be on the higher side. whenever clouds are present that will make reductions in the temperature and more air pressure. This is one of the contributing factors to the swing. 

Visibility of the ball also wont be promising as like in the normal condition, because when you are having dark background and facing dark ball will be challenging.

His Bowling Action :

the greatest key for his success under the cloud is his bowling action. short run-up with an average speed of around 130kmph to 135kmph, with the ability to swing the ball on both sides, makes him one of the greatest bowlers under such conditions. His knack for moving the other side makes it difficult for the batsman to play under cloudy conditions.

The Ground/Pitch 

A flat deck might be a batting paradise whereas a pitch covered in the grass would suit the ball to swing and seam of the pitch handsomely. A cracked surface is considered a spin-friendly wicket. Subcontinent countries like India and Bangladesh produce majorly the cracked ones since they are considered spin-dominated countries.

Whereas countries like England and New Zealand prefer a green wicket that suits the swing which is highly considered as their expertise. Pitches have a lot to offer to the local bowlers which is the reason behind the huge amount of their success in their own backyard. Hence, cricket matches away from home are considered tough against the home ones.

Anderson being the swing master enjoys a lot of bowling at Lord’s and Trent Bridge. He has got 100+ wickets at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

We believe this was useful to know something about how Cloud assists Anderson in English Conditions.