Gone are those days when the sportspersons used to offer the need to play for their country. Presently, things have changed significantly. The cash assumed control over the pride of the player addressing their countries. The development of the Indian Premier League(IPL) did a ton of good for the game and yet, it likewise made cricketers pursue the cash as opposed to playing for the country.

Big Impact

The IPL is an expensive ticket of the Indian schedule. It acquires far more cash than global cricket and that has been the situation for some time.

The media rights, which were worth Rs 236 crore in 2008, acquired Rs 4087 crore in 2019.

The sponsorship that the occasion acquires has gone from an entirety of Rs.111 crore in 2008 to Rs. 618 crore for the 2018-2022 cycle.

Since 2008, the majority of the top Cricketers in the cricketing scene have been taking an aggregate break from worldwide and homegrown cricket to participate in the Indian Premier League (IPL) that happens for the most part in a two-month window between March and May. To put it plainly, during this time span the IPL has been the cynosure of the cricketing scene’s eyes on the loose. Thinking back, despite the fact that it might appear to be unavoidable that viewership in cricket would require a more limited configuration, it wasn’t actually clear at that point. Indeed, it appears to be somewhat unimaginable today that the BCCI and India were very unconcerned with T20’s charms at first. Yet, what adds to the suffering allure of the IPL? What are the different variables that have made the association what it is today — the greatest business property outside worldwide cricket (and very prone to surpass it soon)? The appropriate responses lie in two main considerations — timing and planning and public imagination.

Greater Exposure

The quite evident scenario can be well explained by stating the recent up news on how Pakistani Cricketer Salman Butt Responds To Top 7 kiwi- New Zealand Players Skipping Pakistan Tour For IPL 2021, as he believes Players Should Represent Country First.

The Australian limited-overs skipper Aaron Finch said that he was surprised to see that players like Glenn Maxwell, Jhye Richardson, and Marcus Stoinis have decided not to be part of the Bangladesh and West Indies tour for the second half of IPL 2021.

The above example shows, they want to have greater exposure even cricket boards across the world believes that IPL is giving greater exposure to their players, and decided to send them for IPL to get the exposure before the ICC mega event.

Top players like 1.Mohammad Nabi, Shakib Al Hasan, Chris Gayle, Ben Strokes, and Andre Russell rejected worldwide games for IPL on a very Interesting Stat.

Influence of BCCI

With a jam-packed international schedule in the coming months, In September BCCI scheduled to host the second part of IPL 2021 in the UAE.Earlier, ECB managing director Ashley Giles has stated that its centrally contracted players will not be part of the event in the UAE. In the meanwhile, There were talk going on between BCCI and ECB Later ECB postponed their series against Bangladesh, that allows the English Cricketers to play the IPL 2021, that shows that how much influence BCCI is having in the cricket world.

“Generally, the cricket sheets try not to run any reciprocal series during the Indian Premier League. In any case, to plan for the ICC occasions or a major series, the board request that players clear out from the competition to address the country in a reciprocal series. However there are players, who acknowledged the request, there are not many players, who denied the solicitation to highlight their particular establishments in the Indian Premier League”.

“Years ago we found it very difficult for players to get into the IPL to experience that tournament. Now all of our players are in high demand and it’s probably the big reason due to IPL,” Giles said.

Improves the ability of the players pressure handling situation

“It was one of pressures you have to learn, especially in India, as an oversees player, you are one of the four in the team and you know the other four who are not playing are also world-class players. So you are under pressure to perform,” England Cricketer Jos Buttler said in an interview.

Indeed it’s true, in so many occasions cricketer across the world accepted that playing IPL will teach how to handle the pressure, do you remember the heroics of Ben Stokes in world cup final 2019 and in Ashes? let’s see what Nasser Hussain, former England cricketer told about that “The two innings that Ben Stokes played in the 2019 summer, at Headingley and in the World Cup final… In Headingley, he went into IPL mode when batting with Jack Leach. Some of the shots he played, like the reverse switch hit into the Western Terrace off Lyon, he can’t play that unless he’s played in the IPL. The World Cup final innings. He can’t handle that pressure unless you’ve been in the pressurized cauldron before”.

This is one of the biggest reason why the cricket boards sending their players to play in IPL instead of national duties.


Ipl means Money. You can say many reasons but this should be at the top of the list. No players would like to reject an ipl offer as it is one of the costliest league in the world, There are many players who have settled their life just by playing one or two seasons. Do this part is one of the main reason why players are attracted towards ipl.

The Venue

The venue of IPL any T20I World cup are same. Which makes things simple to understand why players are concerned with ipl more than international games. Playing at this venue will give them an idea about the pitch and other conditions of Ground. Which will make things easier for the players while playing World Cup.

But focusing on the franchise cricket over the international matches will have severe impact in the future. Like football, in coming years we may witness more franchise games, and likely all international team will participate only in ICC events, if this trend is continued.