On air, Michael Vaughan says, “I have never ever seen that in Test cricket.” If you are a true cricket fan and follow the game closely, you must have seen some ugly and strange dismissals, but what if we told you that you are about to witness one of the strangest bowled dismissals in test cricket history? Over 22.1, Broad delivered a straight ball to Labuschagne, who took an exaggerated shuffle outside off even before the ball came out of Broad’s hand, but then the spikes slipped and Labuschagne fell. It was a full middle-stump ball, and once the batter was on the ground, there was little chance of the bat making contact with the ball.

Marnus Labuschagne looked good for his 44 off 53 balls with 9 fours and was looking to get another big one. But who would have thought he would be getting out in this fashion? Meanwhile, just stay tuned for the latest updates.