Former head coach Ravi Shastri recalled India’s forgettable performance in the T20 World Cup, saying the team’s Timid and Hesitant” approach cost them the tournament.

Although 2021 is one of the best years for Indian cricket, missing out on two ICC titles would be seen as a missed opportunity. After losing the World Test Championship final, within four months India wasted another chance to win an ICC trophy by withdrawing from the T20 World Cup. Former head coach Ravi Shastri recalled India’s forgettable performance at the event, saying the team’s “Timid and Tentative” approach cost them the tournament.

India left the T20 World Cup before advancing to the round of 16 – the first time this has happened in 8 years and so many ICC events. Consecutive losses to Pakistan and New Zealand have technically wiped them out, with victories over Afghanistan, Scotland, and Namibia providing only consolation.

Ravi Shastri made another speculative statement stating that the “Team didn’t even make a try”-Shastri was frazzled at the thought of Pakistan beating India and was dazzled and believes it is the match against New Zealand where the shoulders really drop, and it hurts the attacking exit of the world team. New Zealand beat India by eight wickets to reach the final, with Pakistan finishing as a semi-finalist.

“Pakistan played well on that day, and against New Zealand, we were timid. We were very timid. It showed in the game. We were tentative instead of going for the jugular. You never mind losing as long as you’re throwing punches. But if you’re timid and tentative then it hurts more. And in a tournament like this if you lose too early then you’re in trouble,” Shastri said on the Bold & Brave The Ravi Shastri Way’ show on Star Sports.

Shastri added that the margin of error is even smaller given the format of the tournament. The former coach stressed that the format implemented in the 2019 World Cup should be the way forward, where each team faces all the others and called for a playoff scenario, referring to India’s campaign at the tournament. The Men in Blue dominated the tournament’s stadium, but a loss to New Zealand put an end to their run in England.