BCCI soon get richer by at least Rs 5000 crore with the addition of two new franchises during the next year’s edition of the Indian Premier League.

IPL currently played between eight teams from next year It will be played between 10 teams, as per the during a recent governing council meeting, the modalities of the bidding process were talked about.

“Any company can buy the bid document paying Rs 75 crore. Earlier top brass was thinking about keeping the base price for two new teams at Rs 1700 crore but later it was decided to keep the base price at Rs 2000 crore,” a senior BCCI  source told PTI on the condition of anonymity.

The source, who has dealt with the financial side of IPL in the past, said that the BCCI stands to gain at least Rs 5000 crore if the bids go as per plan with plenty of large business conglomerates showing active interest in bidding.

“The BCCI is expecting anything in the range of 5000 crores if not more. There will be 74 IPL games next season and it’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

It is learned that only companies with an annual turnover of Rs 3000 crore will be allowed to bid for the teams.

In a piece of welcome news, the BCCI is planning to allow a consortium to bid for teams as it makes the bidding process more vibrant.

“I think more than three business entities won’t be allowed to form a consortium but if three business come together and wants to jointly bid for a team, they are welcome to do so,” he said.

Among the venues where the teams could be based include Ahmedabad, Lucknow, and Pune.

Earlier in 2011 IPL played between 10 teams, Kochi and Pune were added in those years now after 11 years, we are going to witness the 10 team IPL tournament again.