Yes! You got it right!, Steve Smith in Afghanistan. Not for playing cricket, to help the people.

A Strangle Journey worth Remembrance

It has been a vocation of extraordinary exciting bends in the road. Steven Smith was a legspinner who has become Australia’s best hitter since Sir Donald Bradman either side of having his profession wrecked by the Newlands ball-altering embarrassment which saw him deprived of the captaincy and restricted for a year.

The ascent from the contention was just about as remarkable as the fall as he got back to Test cricket with a 774-run Ashes series in 2019, the photos of him in tears at Sydney air terminal supplanted with victorious festivals of hundreds of years. Part of his discipline for Cape Town was been prohibited from any administrative role for a very long time, however, he became qualified to be Australia commander in March 2020 should that development come to fruition.

Steve Smith vs Droppelganger !

While Australian cricketing captain Steve Smith was being asked to leave South Africa following a ball-tampering scandal, his look-a-like was the one giving orders in Canberra. 

A sort of similar occurrence in the recent times of news where Afghanistan is facing an ultimate faceoff with the Taliban’s Regime.

Here’s a sneak peek at what the Fans have pointed among the Military Brat of the U.S and Australian star batsman

The Twitter Handlings have been flooded with the above statements all over the social networking sites creating a buzz in the field for Steven Smith and his Doppelganger. Fans are reacting with amiable tweets and replies to the buzzed Tweet “Steve Smith has totally changed after the ball-tampering scandal and he’s doing great work in Afghanistan. Respect++++”

The twice scandal has become a top story in the books of cricket and news-making social sites yielding a popularity gain and worldwide recognition for Aussie Cricketer Steven Smith.