What is The Hundred Game and Who introduced that?

The Hundred game is the form of limited over cricket, this format is comparatively shorter than the T20 over format, We can see the result of the match within three hours.

The One-Hundred-ball Cricket is introduced by the England and Wales cricket board.Let’s see some more things about The hundred game.

The Rules of The Hundred Game:

  • 100 balls for each inning.
  • Instead of six balls, a bowler can bowl either 5-balls or 10-balls.
  • For Every 10-ball the side of the bowling end would be changed.
  • A bowler can bowl 20 balls per game.
  • Like other limited-overs cricket, the power play is for the first 25 balls from the start of the innings, during the power play only two fielders are allowed in the outside of the 30-yard circle.
  • Each Bowling unit can get two and half minutes as a strategic time out.
  • The Game length is 150 minutes.
  • To announce the result, if the match is halted by rain, at least 25 balls have to be bowled in the second innings.
  • One DRS is allowed for each team per inning.
  • If the match is tied in the knockout, Super 5 would be followed to declare the winner.
  • If the batter is out caught, even though the batters were crossed, the Non-striker remains in the non-striker position. An incoming batsman will take the strike.
  • If a team couldn’t bowl 100 balls in 65 minutes, one fewer fielder is permitted outside of the 30-yard circle.

The team, which tops in the league matches would progress to the finals, teams finishing second and third, would play a semi-final to reach the final.

On 21st July first One-Hundred-ball cricket was played between Oval invincible women and Manchester Originals Women, in this game Oval invincible women won the game by five wickets.

What do you think about this format whether this will overtake the T20 format? Please comment below.