Whenever we have seen Bangladesh fans go wild for their team’s victory we often think how impatient these Bangladeshi supporters right? Do you know they waited 12 years for their first win?. Let’s see how Bangladesh cricket evolved.

on 31st March 1986, they played their first-ever ODI in their cricket history against Pakistan. In that match, Bangladesh was easily overpowered by Pakistan, from there it took almost 12 years to win their first ODI. They opened their success count against Kenya in 1998.

Entry to the World cups, The Beginning:

After 13 years, Bangladesh qualified to participate in the ODI world cup 1999, which was scheduled in England. When it’s coming to revenge tiger is one of the most vengeful animals on the planet, like that Bangladesh players were eyeing for a victory over the strong opponent.

It’s been 13 years since they got their first defeat from their Neighbor country Pakistan. After four-match they have played, Bangladesh had one win on their name against Scotland. They set to face Wasim Akram’s men on 31st May.

It was a just formality for Pakistan to secure an easy win against Bangladesh, but like every movie having a twist, there was a twist.

They stunned the eventual runners of that edition by defeating them by 63 runs. That made everyone’s jaw dropped. That win defined the character of Bangladesh cricket. A goosebump moment for every Bangladesh fan, where they announced that they are not lesser than other teams to the world, this was just the beginning.

Bangladesh VS Pakistan, 1999 World cup.

Win Against 2003 World cup winners and runners:

It was a forgettable tournament (2003 World Cup) for Bangladesh, but they had an unforgettable memory post-2003 world cup, by winning a game against India in 2004 and won the game against then world champion Australia in the year 2005, can you imagine a victory against invincible Australian squad, merely impossible one in those days.

Bangladesh win against Australia in 2005 , Source:Getty Images

2007 World cup, Spoiling the parties of others:

This was one of the greatest tournaments for Bangaladesh cricket, for the first time in a world cup teams were divided into four groups, Bangladesh placed among India, Srilanka, and Bermuda.

In the first match, they have given a shock to India by defeating them, India froze with that defeat could not recover from that, eventually, it leads to India’s early exit in that World cup and gave entry for Bangladesh’s first-ever next round qualification. Though they couldn’t do wonders in that round they stunned the South African team.

Post-2007 World Cup, No more Smaller Team:

This is, where Bangladesh cricket has grown to the next level, After this It was no surprise when Bangaladesh beats any world champions. It became usual news. They have the win against every test-playing nation in limited-overs cricket. In 2015 they knocked out the 2019 world cup winners to qualify for the quarter-final, to date, this is their best performance in the ICC World Cup.

England exit from the world cup 2015 as they lost to Bangladesh Image source:ICC

In the same year, Bangladesh won the ODI series for the first time against the Dhoni-lead Indian team and the South African team. It was regarded as a special milestone in Bangladesh Cricket History.

They were the runners in the 2016 Asia cup and almost pulled the match against India in the 2016 T20 world cup. But lost to India by just one run thanks to Dhoni’s brilliant work behind the stumps.

They were the semi-finalist in the 2017 champions trophy, following that they have won the test match against strong Aussies in 2017.

First test win against Australia Image Source: Cricket Australia

They came across a long way to reach where they are standing now, one of the strongest teams in the world, Though they are not having any major Trophy on their name, in recent years they made an impact in the cricket world, that is no one can deny.

Future of Bangla Tigers:

In 2020, the Bangladesh U19 team won the U19 2020 world cup regardless it was in junior-level it shows that the next generation is up for the task to carry their glory forward.

Bangladesh Cricket
Winners of U19 World cup 2020. Image Source: ICC