Pakistan have qualified for the semifinals in the most dramatic possible way, after losing against Zimbabwe it wasn’t even looking like Pakistan will able to qualify, but now they are semifinalists but it’s as controversial as one can see.

Bangladesh vs Pakistan was an important match for the teams, qualification of the team was dependant on the win and Pakistan won it but the controversy is around the wicket of Shakib where one can see the spike and he wasn’t out but the third umpire has given it out despite seeing the nick in the big screen.

Its made much easier for the pakistan team to restrict the Bangladesh team under 130 runs as Bangladesh skipper given out before scoring runs.

In this below picture its clearly visible there was a spike when the ball passes the bat, unfortunately third umpire failed to notice this, though he is having all the angles. After this cricket fans in the twitter were questioning the standards of the umpiring,

Twitterati came against the Umpires and Pakistan cricket fans who accused every team of fixing but then their own team

Aakash Chopra also has his say

Shakib Al Hasan wasn’t ready to go to the Pavillion

Fans accused PCB they bought umpires

You can feel for Bangladesh cricket fans luck wasn’t on their side otherwise they have qualified for the semifinals

What’s your say?


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