This ongoing World cup never fails us to entertain, so much entertainment nail biting finish. In the contest between Bangladesh and India, India set a target 185 for Bangladesh thanks to Virat Kohli master class. But after that Liton Das ignited the Bangladesh’s innings and bashed Indian bowlers all over the park before the rain interrupt to stop the flow of Bangladesh, in that stage India were behind 17 runs as per the DLS method.

Anyway after rain allowed to continue the game, Liton Das lost his wicket in the unfortunate way, while going for second run he slipped bit as he was on the course to reach for second run but eventually he was short in the non-strikers end thanks to K L Rahul’s stunning throw at the stumps.

In the end Bangladesh team lost the match by 5 runs. Had Liton was not dismissed we could have witnessed different match scenarios altogether.

But Twitterati isn’t satisfied with the match result, some of them believe Bangladesh would’ve won it if things weren’t favored India.

They claim BCCI forced to start the match early just after the rain so that Bangladesh get the huge target and with their fragile batting line-up they will lose it easily.

But it’s mean to be that wet out field helps the batting team and can cause injury to fielders

Some of them accused umpires for not giving wide ball to the batsman

(He referred to no ball as Virat asked the umpires for a no ball when he was batting as it was the second short ball of the over)

Some brought that no-ball scenario against Nawaz from INDvPAK match to make it

This user accused BCCI that every match is fixed then how can Indian fans enjoy the matches as they know the result before the start of the match.

What do you think about these fanwars, are they legit or just some frustrated people running their agenda? Share your thoughts in comment section.


One thought on “Pakistan and Bangladesh fans accused BCCI over fixing yet again.”
  1. All of them knows the truth it was a no ball and not wide ball. These fans cannot digest the lose and that’s why they are posting all these

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