Due to COVID-19 concerns, the fifth test match between India and England has been canceled.

“due to fears of a further increase in the number of COVID cases inside the camp, India are regrettably unable to field a team”, ECB stated. On the other hand BCCI “the outbreak of Covid-19 in the Indian team contingent forced the decision of calling off the Old Trafford Test Match.”

It’s clear there are contrast statements from the respective cricket boards. From yesterday, Former England players showing their frustration about the cancelation of the fifth test match.

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“Tremendously disappointing for all the cricket fans. It has been an incredible series. India are a fantastic team. They have given England a real run for their money in their home conditions. Everybody was wondering to see how this one was going to pan out,” said Butcher to Sky Sports.

Nasser Hussain supported Indian players “I have a lot of sympathy with the Indian players. I think its their second physio — the first physio with Ravi Shastri and rest of the backroom staff — fifth day at The Oval, they had to isolate after testing positive. The second physio who had been treating all the players. You can imagine fifth Test match. There will be sore bodies, sore bowlers. You cannot do physiotherapy without close contact and without literally being in the faces. So have a lot of sympathy with all those players and even though they have tested negative, a couple of times now the incubation period, two or three days, they will be worried suddenly in the middle of the Test match, they test positive and suddenly three or four players have to go down and then you have covid subs, etc. It is a mess.”

Another former cricketer Michael Vaughn slammed BCCI for canceling the last test match to play IPL.

“IPL teams chartering planes .. 6 days quarantining required in the UAE .. 7 days till the tournament starts !!!! Don’t tell me the Test was canceled for any other reason but the IPL ..” , he tweeted.

As soon as possible he tweeted Indian fans all around his tweet by supporting BCCI.