Their was a time when Sachin meant so much that people used to switch of their televisions at the fall of his wicket. Time passed and India got a fresh batch of players who on their day were able to turn the match in India’s favor. But the impact that the Little Master has had in preparing the next cricket generation is unsurmountable. The statement by Virat Kohli that he started playing cricket watching Sachin bat is the testimony of this fact.

Once Sachin retired from cricket, a huge void was left in the Indian Cricket Team. At that moment it seemed impossible to fill that void, but the manner in which Virat had succeeded in filling the gaps left by his predecessor is exemplary. It is appreciable to the extent that today’s generation has started to ask the question – Who is better Sachin or Virat?

To put an end to the debate once and for all, it was none other than Virat himself who broke the ice. In his recent interview at “Breakfast with Champions” he clearly mentioned that he has never had this notion in his mind of comparing himself with the legendary Little Master.

Source : BCCI – Sachin sitting on Virat’s shoulders celebrating the elusive 2011 WC win

It is beyond any doubt that the rate at which he is scoring runs as well as the consistency that he has shown, he is one definitely among the greatest in the current era. Virat in his interview emphasized that he started playing cricket watching the Indian Legend and in no way will he consider himself to be equal to him. Virat has shown that scoring centuries can also be child’s play or as he makes it look like.

The elusive record of 100 international centuries that the Master Blaster left behind seemed impossible to breach. Virat is the only active player who probably will come close to breaking it and eventually may even surpass.

To quote Virat, he considers that Sachin was two levels ahead of any batsman that you can think of. He said that the amount of contribution that the Master Blaster gas done to the Indian Cricket is unparalleled and he did wish that he may have a similar impact.

Comparing stats Sachin scored 100 centuries in his career, 51 of which came in the longest and probably the toughest format of the game. Virat sits comfortably at third position on this list with 70 centuries against his name, only behind the great Australian captain, Ricky Ponting himself. Will he be able to cross the elusive barrier of 100 centuries created by the Little Master, only time can tell this.

Here is the YouTube link for the latest episode of Virat Kohli at Breakfast with Champions