The 27th match of IPL 2021 saw fabulous, fantastic, flamboyant (I am running out of words here) innings by the Big Man Polly. To sum it up the Director of Cricket Operations of MI, Zaheer Khan was at a loss for words, he managed to say that this champion mentality of MI is the reason that makes this team win 5 times a tournament which is unequivocally the toughest T20 tournament.

We saw in IPL 2017 Final how they faced the only team that was able to beat them comprehensively throughout the tournament. 3 years later they were in the same condition, only the roles were reversed with DC in finals, having beaten this team at all encounters – but that didn’t hinder them in winning the trophy.

Defeating the opponent fair and square is one thing, and making the opponent admit defeat even when before getting defeated – this is the art in which Mumbai Indians have a mastery.


When other teams are busy deciding their best playing XI, this team has started experimenting with their playing XI in order to achieve a pitch-perfect team – having decided the best playing XI already. One of the major factors that contribute to the widespread success of this franchise is the renowned Engine Room Trio (Pollard & Pandya Brothers). To add to it they have among their ranks the magnificent merchant of death overs…..do we even have to say his name.


The fact that Rohit Sharma commands the respect that he rightfully deserves even though he has not been in his prime form in the last few editions of this tournament speaks volumes of his captaincy. The field placement, using the bowlers at the right time, maintaining his cool even in adverse situations – these are the qualities we seek in a captain – with which Rohit Sharma was probably born with or so it seems. The only chink in the armor of Mumbai Indians is the absence of a lead spinner, but boy has they managed with the limited resources well as they have an abundance of resources in all other departments.

To summarise, the amount of investment this franchisee invests in the scouting players and honing of the skills of the chosen one is tremendous – the results of which can be seen in the number of trophies they have won.