IPL Playoff Prediction:

The second leg of the VIVO IPL 2021 in the United Arab Emirates has made the points table more interesting and competitive for all teams. As each team strives for the play-offs, there have been numerous close encounters and nail-biting moments. CSK and DC, who are at the top of the table, appear unstoppable, and other teams have also performed admirably to make the VIVO IPL 2021 more exciting. As we enter the final leg of the competition, where all teams have only four matches left before the playoffs, let’s see which team has the best chances of qualifying and the Qualification Scenario for all teams this season.

Chennai Super Kings

CSK is once again at the top of the table, this time with 16 points. CSK has won 8 of 10 matches with an NRR of +1.069. In their next four matches, they will face SRH, RR, DC, and PBKS. Their chances of qualifying are more than 99 percent, as they only need to win one of the remaining four matches or ensure that they do not lose all four by a large margin.

Matches: 10 // Won: 8 // Point : 16 // NRR: +1.069

Delhi Capitals

DC is in second place with 16 points and has looked unstoppable this season, winning all of their matches convincingly. For their opponents, they are the team to beat. With an NRR of +0.711, they have a better than 99 percent chance of making the playoffs. As they only need to maintain their current form and win one of the remaining three matches, or, like CSK, not lose the remaining matches by a large margin. Their next three games are against MI, CSK, and RCB. Where CSK can give them a run for their money.

Matches: 11 // Won: 8 // Point : 16 // NRR: +0.562

Royal Challengers Bangalore

This year, RCB is in third place. They have won 6 matches so far with an NRR of -0.359, which is their main source of concern. RCB began the season with a bang but lost momentum in the middle; however, RCB’s chances for the playoffs remain positive. As they must win three of their remaining four matches, or if they only win two, those victories must be by a large margin in order to improve their runrate. Their next four games are against RR, PBKS, SRH, and DC, where Delhi Capitals can proved to be very tough team to beat.

Matches: 10 // Won: 6 // Point : 12 // NRR: -0.359

Kolkata Knight Riders

After a disastrous first half of the tournament, KKR began the second leg with back-to-back victories over RCB and MI. However, they were unable to overcome CSK’s challenge and were defeated but yesterday’s win over DC kept their momentum on track again. KKR has won five matches so far and is currently ranked fourth with an NRR of +0.363. However, KKR’s chances are very good because their remaining three matches will be against slightly weaker opponents, but one loss will make their lives difficult. Their remaining opponents are PBKS, SRH, and RR. As they are having positive NRR, another two win can produce the place for them in the playoffs unless they lose in big margin in one game.

Matches: 11 // Won: 5 // Point : 10 // NRR: +0.363

Punjab Kings

Sitting in sixth place with four wins from 11 matches and an NRR of -0.288, PBKS’s chances are very neutral. Their loss against MI in the previous match has put them in the back foot, and they may be able to make it to the play-offs. However, this will not be easy for them because the remaining three matches will challenge them against the tournament’s toughest teams:KKR, and CSK. It can be difficult to win against all of them. They will have to win all three matches, and hope that the NRR will favour them, while other teams with equal points should have a lower NRR.

Matches: 11 // Won: 4 // Point : 8 // NRR: -0.288

Rajasthan Royals

Rajasthan Royals have not lived up to expectations this season, and as a result, they are sitting in seventh place with only four wins out of ten and an NRR of -0.319. It will be difficult for them to recover after losing their last two matches against SRH and DC. But RR’s season is far from over, as they still have a chance to make it to the final four. Their next four games are against RCB, CSK, MI, and KKR, with RCB, MI, and KKR also vying for the Play-offs, so it will be difficult for them. For a better chance, RR must win all four remaining matches, or win three of them with a big win and hope that other teams with the same point have less NRR from them.

Matches: 10 // Won: 4 // Point : 8 // NRR: -0.319

Mumbai Indians

The defending VIVO IPL champions, Mumbai Indians, then arrive. MI has won the last two IPL titles, but they would like to forget about this season so far. They have only four wins so far in the tournament and an NRR of -0.453. They have yet to win a single match in the second phase of the tournament in the UAE. MI is in bottom second place in the points table owing to a struggling middle-order. However, the defending champions can still technically qualify for the playoffs. They simply need to win all three of their remaining matches, two of which should be by a large margin.Their next matches are against DC, RR and SRH.

Matches: 11 // Won: 5 // Point : 10 // NRR: -0.453

Sunrisers Hyderabad

This season, SRH is the first team to be disqualified from the playoffs. With only two wins in the tournament and an NRR of -0.637, this season would be considered their worst nightmare in IPL history. This is the first time in the last six seasons that SRH has failed to qualify for the playoffs. However, after defeating PBKS in their previous match, they must be feeling confident about the rest of the tournament. In their remaining four games, SRH has the potential to be a party snub for the opposing team. It is obvious that SRH will play for pride now that they have nothing to lose. It will be more entertaining to watch them play. Their next four games will be against RR, CSK, KKR, and MI.

Matches: 10 // Won: 2 // Point : 4 // NRR: -0.637

Our Prediction

As CSK and DC almost made playoffs, fight is getting intense for the remaining two slots. RCB, MI & KKR having the bright chance to make it, Though RR having equal chance. We are going with CSK, DC, RCB and MI will make into the playoffs

So what do you guys think? Which is your favourite team? Which team you are following? Do stay with us for the latest updates and news.