The stage for a squash bucking contest was all set when Chennai Super Kings scored 200+ runs against their biggest nemesis on their last fixture against Chennai Super Kings in this IPL 2021.

Cometh the hour cometh the man – this was what Pollard did but it was a total team effort that made the chase look so dramatic and successful. When it was time for the management to appreciate the player’s individual efforts in the match, it narrowed down to five candidates in the dressing room.

The happiest man among these 5 was Hardik Pandya of course. When presented the Dressing Room Man of the Match award and asked to make a speech, he simply was famished as all other players were in the dressing room. He did say that he has come back from the vacation and is now going to go at full throttle and issued a warning to all other teams out there. The fact that he hit two monstrous sixes, one of which was struck with the bottom of the bat and went on to go for 80 m, shows that his claim is not preposterous.

Dressing Room MOM Awards

Other 4 players who got the Dressing Room MOM awards were Rohit Sharma, Quinton DeKock, Krunal Pandya and Rahul Chahar. If Hardik Pandya is successful enough to back his words in the upcoming matches it will make the game for the opposition teams really difficult. With Pollard in the kind of form he is in right now and Krunal filling in the shoes of a proper batsmen, Hardik is the one who is left behind although this happens rare.

Their were enough talks of Mumbai Indians’ middle order being out of form. Even if they start doing what they are famous for now it would not be late for Mumbai Indians’ at all – infact it would be a perfect chance for them to end the squabble for the 4th team to qualify once and for all.


Zaheer Khan : This champion mentality that this team has is the reason why they have won this tournament 5 times.

Venkatesh Prasad : When Pollard gets going their is nothing that the opposition can do about that.