How would you react if you got 1 crore in a matter of few hours?. You can’t express that feel right? possibly you will google for what to do, definitely, you would be top of the world. Similarly, one Barber from Bihar won 1 crore rupees from the famous leading fantasy APP, Dream11.

This life-changing moment happened for Ashok Kumar, who is running a barbershop in Madhubani’s district, Bihar, he predicted the XI which yielded him 1 Crore on Sunday.

Ashok said that he could not sleep happily throughout the night. He will never leave the work with which he has reached here. With the reward money, they will first pay off their debt and build a house. Ashok told that his first rank came as soon as the match ended at 11.30 pm. Immediately on behalf of Dream XI, he was congratulated by informing him about becoming a millionaire by message and phone.

“After the match, I came in the first position and won Rs one crore. The official call also came soon after. I was told that a sum of Rs 70 lakh would be credited into my account in the next two days. The money will be paid after the deduction of taxes. I couldn’t sleep that night,” Ashok, who has a barbershop at Nanaur Chowk in the Andharthandi block of Madhubani, was quoted as saying by the Indian Express.

He further added that he was passionate about the fantasy game for years and his day finally arrives on September 26, 2021.

Dream11 real winner
Ashok in his Barbershop Pic Credit: Google

“I selected the Chennai Super King and Kolkata Knight Riders teams after paying the entry fee of Rs 50. I never thought I would be so lucky. When the match ended, the team I had selected performed remarkably. They have helped me win that contest,” he added.

Though he got the huge jackpot he is willing to continue his profession. “I love my job as a barber and it will continue. I will first clear the debts with the winning amount and then construct a house for my family,” he said.

What is your plan if you are winning the grand league in a fantasy league?, do comment in the comment section.