Indian fans trolls Daniel Alexander for his hateful comments about Indian Cricket

Taunts and agrees between cricket fans is likewise an ordinary situation, however, contempt isn’t something welcome.

Daniel Alexander, a Sri Lankan cricket fan has oddly enough been offered wearisome poison for the Indians, and more than the reality he applauds Sri Lanka, he drives all his energy in reproaching the Indian cricket crew.

Sri Lanka cricket fan’s checked record by the name of “Daniel Alexander” have been doing the rounds via online media of late. He regularly tweets against Team India on his Twitter handle. Fans regularly broil him for his one-sided conclusions.

Despite being rivals, India has consistently imparted an extremely sweet attach to Sri Lanka and the methodology between the fans is a flat-out treat to cricket.

In any case, there are fans like Daniel Alexander instilled with just one inclination and that is the disdain that prompts the souring of relations.

Virat Kohli scores 42 runs in the ongoing second test against England, soon Daniel Alexander tweeted about his average in the last two years and mentioned his last hundred on the international stage. finally, he concluded that Virat Kohli is an overrated player.

Lets check out what Indian Fans have to say about @daniel86cricket :

One Sri Lankan fan tagged their fast bowler, Dhammika Prasad in a tweet, citing-

Daniel Alexander is a Sri Lankan who got back from Saudi Arabia as a travel planner and needed to begin a cricket examiner profession in SL. After he confronted analysis from the Island Cricket site, his lone kind of revenue was from Pakistan who needed him to compose enemies of India tweets from a cricketing perspective. His day-by-day schedule on Twitter incorporates – referencing uncommon details which India doesn’t highlight, consistent commendation of non-Indian players, referencing Indian losses in the past on that specific day, enjoying each tweet that corrupts India including score refreshes like wicket fall of Indian batsman. He likewise has counterfeit records which answer to himself.