Well, where the Indian Cricket Team is celebrating the comeback of their evergreen Player MSD as their Mentor for the upcoming T20 World Cup, the whole of India is celebrating the announcement and eagerly awaiting to see the Play under MS Dhoni’s Mentorship, here we encounter Sri Lanka’s Daniel Alexander says that India won’t win a ICC tournament under Virat Kohli while replying to one cricket fans comment.

Let sneak peek at how the Indian Fan’s reacted and reverted to a few Deserters of the Indian Team:

Indians are not statue, they are always ready to counterattack what is for their right . Evident as to how the Fandom is startled and aggressive upon the substandard comments and judgments of these tremblers and is supporting the team by giving, neck to neck replies to what we viewed above.

Time to watch out How the Indian team repays their fandom’s trust and ability to trust in their upcoming T20 World Cup Match.

A Quick Recap of the Previous Edition of T20 World Cup 2016 :

The 6th version of the T20 WC was held in Eden Gardens, Kolkata,India. The hosts – India – experienced a devastating loss in the possession of New Zealand in the initial game however at that point dominated each match to make their position in the semi-finals. It was against the strong West Indies. India, in spite of the best endeavors from the inevitable player of the competition Virat Kohli , lost the match. 

It additionally ended up being MS Dhoni’s last appearance in T20 World Cups.

India’s first encounter in this T2o world cup against Pakistan on October 24th.