Indian fans blames ICC after Rohit Sharma’s Controversial dismissal in the Third Test


Opener Rohit Sharma scored an exclusive fifty however was dismissed post Tea for 59 runs by Ollie Robinson as India confronted an intense tough task to be done in the second innings of the third Test at Headingley in Leeds. India was put at 116/2 after 47.4 overs, actually following by 238 runs. After KL Rahul’s departure, Rohit and Cheteshwar Pujara exhibited excellent protective abilities post Lunch as India hoped to diminish shortage. Pujara additionally finished his fifty after Rohit’s excusal.

But this didn’t seem as smooth as it appeared to be on television, the social sites especially TWITTER are floored with the immense hatred against Umpire Decision on today’s Test Match.

Robinson to Rohit ! “OUT”

Ollie Robinson gets of Rohit Sharma with a calculated conveyance as he traps Rohit in front. The on-field umpire precludes and Rohit isn’t persuaded by the choice. Maybe the ball was going down the leg side. Rohit takes the survey. Ball-following affirms that the conveyance was simply cutting the leg stump. Rohit gets unfortunate this time He strolls back for 59.

Lets Look how our spectators all around world has shown their grief and hatred against Umpire’s call today Test Match.

The Viewers have shown an immense hatred for the Umpire’s Decision Making as they stand at fault due to poor decision-making skills. They say “Poor umpiring once again. Umpires favoring eng. They not raising finger for Indian bowlers while ball going to leg side”.  A negative environment has been evolved due to an undeserved Wicket against India and created remorse for ENG.

Where the Players have also shown their favor support at the same place the viewers are continuously accusing of the partiality been done, today at Match.