James Anderson, the leading wicket-taker among the fast bowler, he is having an incredible career behind him when it’s coming for the experience.

On the other side, Virat Kohli is modern-day great when it is coming to batting. Having as much as 27 centuries on his name.

Both are a legend in their respective department, but when they are up against each other there would be only one name came out from the series.

In the 2014 series, Kohli played his first test series in England but could score only 134 runs from the 10 innings, James Anderson had his wickets for four times in the series, and Kohli faced a lot of criticism as well.

During 2014 series

In 2018, before the start of the series people were eagerly waiting for Virat Kohli to repeat the 2014 performance but then the Indian skipper had other plans. Though India lost the series he was the top run-scorer among both sides, and this time he never gave a chance to James Anderson single wicket him. So the contest now stands 1-1, going to the series would be an interesting debate.

India VS England 2018 test series

“I had some success against him in 2014 and then he came back a completely different player in 2018 and was incredible,” James Anderson, and he further added,” He left it a lot better and he was a lot more patient (in 2018). He waited for you to bowl at him and then he’s very strong off his legs so he could score freely”.

From the bowler himself, we can hear the praise for Kohli. he is improved a lot. But in the 2018 series had the England slip cordon were strong James Anderson would have got at least one wicket against Kohli, this is also what we have to keep in mind.

We are going with Indian Skipper Kohli to continue his dominance over Anderson, but that’s not going to be a cakewalk for Kohli against experienced James Anderson he would be waiting to seize his opportunity against Indian star batsman, Virat showed lots of patience in the last tour. That’s why he succeeded last time, and always patience is an important element to achieve in the swinging condition like England.

With whom you will go with Anderson or Kohli, do comment.