Longer than a month has passed since India lost the last of the inaugural ICC World Test Championship (WTC). As New Zealand tasted accomplishment after an interminable pause, Virat Kohli’s men unobtrusively scattered for a brief break in the UK prior to refocusing in Durham to reignite the second release of the World Test Championship, starting August.

The five-match Test series will begin on August 4 in Nottingham with the extensive series slated to finish with the final Test set to be played from September 10-14. Previously in the last tour India lost the series by 1-4, and Indian team eyeing an series win to boost their points in WTC points table.

In an interview with Dinesh Karthik for Sky Sports,


In a meeting with Dinesh Karthik for Sky Sports, DK asked, “England is unconqured territory what is that for Virat Kohli to win the test series in England and What it is takes to win the match in England”

While answeing India’s most successfull captain in longer format started with he would prefer to answer for the second question first ,”It takes relentless, madness and persue of exellence everday over a five test series”, said Virat Kohli, and he continued to answer that for himself, he want to do the hard work and wanted to get into tough situation in every test match and every day, and you have to ready for that kind of work load and that kind of mental load.

For answering the first question ” to me personally it means nothing more than winning a test match or test series anywhere else this worldWe step onto the field and we compete and we are looking win every test match that’s what matters more to me because agains that’s a culture these are results for Indian cricket, yes it will be huge thing we have done it before and we can do it again but this culture what is more dear to me, and I will do everything in my ability” said Indain captain.

and he mentioned even he is lossing the match he wanted go for win till last moment instead of surrendering in day 3 or day 4 to save the test match that isn’t acceptable. his prime intention will be “WIN” and his focus is not to go after the milestones rather pursue Excellence, and he believed had he played for the milestones he would not reached half of what he is having today.

Wishing him success in the Test series.