Yesterday’s India vs Bangladesh match was full of chaos, the first thing that came to highlight was Virat Kohli asked for the no ball, and the umpires gave it then rain interruption with Liton Das blistering fifty then again one more incident of the wide ball where Bangladesh fans believe it was a wide ball but umpires denied it.

In between all of these incidents, one more incident now is in highlight Virat Kohli distracted the Bangladeshi batters with his fake fielding that must have resulted in 5 penalty runs against India, the exact number of runs for which Bangladesh lost the match but no match official noticed it.

We all saw that it was a wet ground,” Nurul said. “Eventually, when we talk about these things, there was also a fake throw. It could have been a five-run penalty. That also could have gone our way, but unfortunately, even that didn’t materialise.

This incident brought fan wars among Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi fans once again, #Cheating is trending on Twitter as they believe match officials didn’t notice it intentionally as it was against India.

Now things are trending so ICC looking into this matter and as per reports ICC may take action against Nurul Hasan for his misinterpretation of ICC rules for fake fielding.

ICC will take action if they will find any international player spreading fake information regarding their rules and let’s see what happens.

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