DAY 3: Cricket Chatter with “Hyderabad Guy” Harsha Bhogle and “Yorkshire Sherman” Michael Vaughan

Siraj has bowled plenty of nearly unplayable off-cutters in this spell but Root still somehow survives and takes England into the lead with a flicked four. Terrific cricket in the last hour.

Harsha Bhogle starts the chatter with Michael Vaughn by asking about the experience he got from the innings to which the Yorkshire Sherman replied by favoring his statements in the court of Joe Root by stating a few like ” he makes batting look very simple” ” he is a Role model” ” he is a fantastic person ” and says ” He is similar to KL Rahul “ in terms of the bat.

To when asked about any new emergence in the field of Batsmanship in England Michael answered
Well, you could argue that if you’re playing down the ground, you get it slightly wrong. You look at Joseph, try to play down the ground. All seemed went through the gate and he’s often went fine out the ground.”

When Michael commented, “Looks like he’s going to carry on doing it. So I think India has to find a way harsh”. Harsha favored Siraj as it seemed he belongs over there. It’s been an arduous journey for him and was a bit disappointed with Bumrah.

At last, Harsha concluded that he is awaiting for Bumrah to emerge and change India’s point of view and change the whole game.

A Quick Review On the Day 3 Match of IND vs ENG : Harsh vs Michael

1.The lone way India can win is to bowl out and afterward bowl England out. That would be an intense ask on this pitch. I don’t perceive any group getting out in under four meetings. Nor do I see India playing quick and settling on a bold choice to announce. There is still a great deal of cricket left in this series, in addition to on away series, India would not like to chance going down 1-0.

2.What an extraordinary inning by Joe Root. He says to English players, that bounce on my back, and I will convey you to security. For two tests, Root was the MAN between India’s Win.

3.Bairstow, Butler, and Moeen did the work up to their ability.

4.Without Bumrah’s commitment with the wicket, dominating a test match for India is one intense Hurdle. Bumrah bowl well, however, he needs to convey in the fourth inning by taking wickets.

5.England could bat out India, however, Siraj drags the game back. He put his entire being into his spell. His inswinger was on the spot, and he continued hitting the cushion and making inconvenience for English players.

6.If England loses it out from here, everything descends to their awful choice to not bat first. 5 days of difficult work all reduce to one wrong choice.