Once upon a time in cricket history, there was only one format of the game in the test cricket, 50 years ago limited-overs cricket was introduced, since then Cricket has evolved as a multi-format game. 

T20 games and Franchise cricket

At the beginning of the 21st century, the T20 format was introduced, not like other formats, the result of the match can be seen in just 3 hours and entertaining too, this invited the franchise cricket to evolve more, you can see almost every Nation having their own franchise cricket tournament. IPL is growing more year by year. 

Players preferring the Franchise Cricket over International match

Definitly this is not a good sign. Players preferring the franchise cricket over the their national duties. We already started witnessing that, from West Indies players to New Zealand players preferred IPL over their National duties, even their cricket boards are supporting this.

You could have felt the quality of the match is reduced in the Australia tour of Bangladesh and ongoing series of New Zealand against Bangladesh.

Kevin Pietersen tweeted,”This is painful to tweet but I think this is slowly happening… In 2026 there will only be a few Test Match cricketing nations. ENGLAND INDIA AUSTRALIA Possibly SOUTH AFRICA & PAKISTAN

The tweet from former England player shows that the Test matches may extinct or will be very few in the upcoming years.

Surprinsingly he left out the World Test Champions of 2021, when cricket fan asked about that, he replied, “Yep! Won’t be around in 2026! No kids want to play Tests! It’s history will help it’s survival with the bigger boards. Nothing against NZ at all. I’m just saying what I’m starting to see.”

Cricket fans immediately replied him and shared their thoughts, few of the tweets are shared here,