Harsha Bhogle in his recent interview projected his views on two team policy of Team India. A team facing a doubleheader in the coming months might be of concern for many other teams. Fortunately, India is not the one to worry about. India is facing Srilanka in a white ball format and the Black Caps in the WTC finals in the coming months of June and July. A 24-member squad has been called for the WTC finals. A whole new squad has been selected for the Srilanka tour also. Furthermore, the interesting thing about the squads is surprisingly both are full-strength teams.

Players reserved for WTC Final

V Kohli, R Sharma, J Bumrah, M Shami, R Jadeja, R Pant have been called from the white ball team for the tests. Again, we don’t have the perfect replacements for their likes since they are some of the greatest players. But, we sure do have a competitive replacement for them for the Srilankan tour.

Players in the second team touring Sri Lanka

In the white-ball format, for the opening department, the likes of P Shaw, KL Rahul, S Gill, S Dhawan are the top contenders. The middle-order is strengthened by the likes of SK Yadav, I Kishan, M Pandey, S Iyer. For the finishing department, the Pandya brothers and S Dube would be keen to do their magic. The bowling unit is power-packed with Y Chahal, the Chahar brothers, and K Yadav. This would be a great chance for the youngsters to prove their worth. Therefore, they will also gain much-needed experience for the upcoming T20 world cup. Besides, Bangladesh’s dominance in the ongoing Srilanka tour would be a huge sigh of relief for the Indian youngsters.

IPL 2021 rescheduled, will be played in UAE

IPL 2021 is set to be played in September and October in UAE. This tour along with IPL be the one deciding the World T20 squad. An exceptional performer might have a dream debut in the World Cup. The reason for such power-packed teams to play at the same time goes back to the impact of first-class cricket and IPL in India. First-class cricket has helped the youngsters to learn about the red ball and to play the conditions perfectly. Coincidently, IPL has provided International exposure just at their doorstep.

Impact of the legends on the game

This is the whole reason why the transition period after the legends like Sachin, Ganguly, and Dravid retiring couldn’t impact India. Consequently, Sri Lanka is still finding ways to dealing with it now. India has nourished the rising talents right from the under-19 teams exceptionally well under the coaching of Rahul Dravid the legend himself. The exploits of the Gabbatoir breach have much to do with the hard work of Rahul Dravid and his staff.

BCCI has worked relentlessly for the sowing of such talents in the past which is why we are reaping such famous world trophies today.

Former Pakistan skipper Inzamam ul Haq quoted ” India is now doing what even Australia at their prime, ‘from 1995 to 2010’, tried to do but failed i.e., to play two national teams at the same time.”

Playing against such quality teams would be a tough challenge but from what India has achieved in Australia in the recent tour, Indians should be relieved and be working on their anxieties to come.

Source : YouTube – Inzamam on India playing two teams
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