"GOAT = Virat Kohli" - Fans chose Virat Kohli as the best cricketer of all time

Virat Kohli is a world-renowned name in the history of cricket. And it is not only in India that he is one of the world’s most popular cricketers around the world, or you can say the best of all. His passion, aggression, and intensity make him the best and true ambassador of the cricket world, and that’s what some ex-cricketers have said about the former Indian skipper.

And there have been many good cricketers around the world, but when it comes to fans, Virat Kohli is always up there. And that’s why it is trending on Twitter as well. Fans across the world are tweeting in numerous numbers and recognizing Virat Kohli as a “GOAT – Greatest of All Time” in the cricket world.

However, Virat is struggling with his form and has been going through a rough patch in recent years. But still, his batting numbers are unmatchable by other cricketers. And the fans who have true knowledge of cricket know what he has achieved in his career. Although with respect to other cricketers in the world, it is just the opinion of fans on Twitter that we have brought to you.