It’s less than 48 hours for the beginning of the India Vs England test series, before that we would like to give a small recap about the last tour of India to England in 2018, had the following performances were not there in that series we would have witnessed Indians were winning the series.

But this performance from England players put a stack on India’s plan, let’s see what are those, here came the No.4

4.Jos Buttler’s valuable contribution in the fourth test

After winning the third test Indians were looking confident as they had 27 runs of lead in the first innings. And Indian bowlers were doing enough to keep England batsmen in check, England lost their half of the side with a lead of around 100 runs, then It was England’d wicketkeeper this time who came in the rescue for England, he scored 69 runs, and had a good partnership with Young Curran and Ben Stokes. Eventually, India lost the match by 60 runs. If Jos Buttler didn’t produce that innings, things would have been different.

Jos Buttler playing flick shot against India in the second innings of the fourth test

3.Moen Ali’s 9-wicket haul in the fourth test:

Being an all-rounder is an asset for the team if you are not able to contribute by the bat, contribute by ball. This is what Moen Ali has done in the fourth match, like the 2014 test series he once again spoiled the party of Indians. India was going strong, but he dismantled the middle order of India in the first inning. In the second innings, Kohli and Rahane were steady to make a 100 run partnership and the target was within sight as they were settled for the big inning. then It was Moen Ali who breaks the Partnership to restrict India 60 runs shorter than the required run.

Moen Ali celebrating after taking a wicket in the fourth test

2.Ben Stokes fiery spell against India in the 1st Test match

It was just formalities for India as they required just less than 60 runs on the fourth day of the first test match with Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya were on the course to reach the target. But Ben Stokes had other ideas he trapped Kohli for LBW from there India couldn’t recover as wickets tumbling in the one end, though Hardik Pandya was looking promising that day, finally, Hardik Pandya lost his wicket to Ben Stokes, who break India’s momentum to hand over the win to England.

Ben Stokes After Taking Virat Kohli’s wicket

1.Sam Curran’s Counterattack in the first test match:

It was Sam Curran’s innings that took the game from India. From the first innings, England had a narrow lead of 13 runs, when they started their second innings. But It was not easy as the Indian bowlers were breathing fire to reduce them 87-7, then it was Sam Curran who counter-attacked Indian bowlers to set the target of 194 runs for Indians. In the end, India falls short of 31 runs, had Sam Curran didn’t score those valuable runs, Kohli’s men could have won the game easily.

Sam Curran during the first test match against India