The final for the first edition of the World Test Championship is not yet started and we have the schedule out for the next Championship out in the open. All the teams are supposed to play three away and three home test series in this championship.

The first edition saw few missing instances as many series were postponed and even canceled due to safety and bio-bubble issues. It led to a change in the criteria for choosing the finalist of the Championship as then the team that has played 21 games like England would have been at a clear advantage. England would have pipped New Zealand if we were to follow the old scheme of finding the finalist as they clearly had more points than the Kiwis having played almost double the matches.

Here are the standings of the teams at the end of the league matches of WTC.

Source : Twitter – WTC Final Standings

Going ahead we have the schedule for the teams participating in WTC second edition that includes all the teams that participated in the first edition. The Indian team is all set to play the test series with the English Team after the WTC Final which will be the first series to be part of the second edition of WTC. Here is the list of all the fixtures team-wise for the second edition of WTC.