Hi Guys, who would have thought India will fight back in this test match after bundling out 191 in the first Innings, but India did a great comeback in this test match. But hang on this match is not yet concluded, Match is wide open.

Positive to take on, for England

Leading by 171 runs with seven wickets in hand and Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja at the crease definitely India would be fancy their chance in this test match, but Second New ball not lost it’s shine, wicket fall at this stage would hurt India, as their middle order fragile in this series.

In the last test match, India was having 8 wickets in hand to avoid the innings defeat or to gain the lead, but the fall of both set batsmen open the gate for England, and their bowler used that opportunity to finish things quickly, almost similar situation for India though they are having the lead to defend in this test match.

Positives to take on, for India

With seven wickets in hand still Ajinkya Rahane and Risabh Pant to bat, sorry I forgot to include ‘Lord’ Shradul Thakur who added valuable runs in the first Innings. So easily they can add another 130-150 runs to give a target of 300+ target for England.

With this many runs, Indian bowlers can gain some confidence to bowl out England in the fourth innings. 

Our Prediction

But mind you, after showing one failure in the first innings Joe Root may give a better performance in this, Chris Woakes and O Popes are in good touch with the bat anything around 260-300 would be very much chasable in this pitch.

England was dominated by Indian batsmen on Day 3, Indian middle-order due for one good performance in this series. With whom should we go? Indian middle-order do something which they haven’t done in this past? or England bowlers, who weren’t bad in the coming back strongly?.

We are backing the Indian middle order to take the lead past 300 runs and their bowler to bowl out England.

We are betting on India to win this match.