Fans troll Krunal Pandya after his Twitter account got hacked

On Thursday, India all-rounder Krunal Pandya became a victim of cybercrime after someone hacked into his Twitter account and demanded Bitcoins from his followers.

The hacker stated in a series of posts that he is willing to sell the cricketer’s account in exchange for bitcoins.

According to reports, the hacker made unsolicited comments and sent out approximately ten tweets from his account. The hacker retweeted a tweet from the cricketer’s account at 7:31 a.m. He thanked a user two minutes later. Krunal’s account was later restored, and all of his tweets were deleted.

Fans were in different mood

However, the fans never miss a chance to troll someone. They seemed in a different mood and started trolling Krunal Pandya. So we have gathered some such tweets from the fans for you. 

This article is for entertainment purposes only. We don’t intend to disrespect anyone.