5) Hardik Pandya’s Poor Form and Fitness


This is another contributing factor to derail India’s chance to win the trophy for the second time, The Baroda all-rounder didn’t have a quite good time in the field, one of the reason why Mumbai Indians couldn’t qualify for the playoffs.

If he is not getting the form at the right time, things won’t be easy for men in blue.

6) Virat Kohli’s Captaincy in Knockout games:


Virat Kohli took over the captainship from his former captain at the beginning of 2017. Since then India has played 3 knockout/final games in the ICC tournament, but every time India failed to cross the line, but as per stats he is one of the great Indian captains ever produced but in the knockouts not great at least, so this is summed up our sixth reason why India is not favorite to win T20 World cup 2021.

7) Top-order batsmen choking in the Knockout games:

Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

As stated in the earlier reason since 2017 India played 3 knockouts/final games, in those games India’s top order failed miserably, which adds more workload for the middle order batsmen in the pressure game.

Even though, top-order batsmen contributed in the league stage by scoring tons of runs. But they couldn’t deliver it in the high voltage games. from 2017 it became a trend that top-order contribute in league stage but failing when it is needed.

8) Unlucky neighbour:

From 2014, in every ICC World cup tournament, India was placed with Pakistan, whether it is a curse or unlucky every time India beat Pakistan, failed to win the tournament, this time to they are placed with India.

Fans are talking we could get away easily but winning the tournament? We don’t think so.

Changes are inevitable, these reasons we took it from the past, hopefully, this time India will pass the hurdle to claim the trophy.