Cricket fans are enjoying their time with unlimited cricket, already the T20 world cup qualifiers for next round started, and the main stage of the tournament isn’t far away.

India set to face their first match against Pakistan. Indians fans are pretty much excited about they are going to face their neighbor Pakistan, As every time their team beat Pakistan in the world cup matches.

But here, We have listed 8 reasons why India is not a favorite to win the T20 World cup 2021, if you are thinking New Zealand is one of the reasons for this, Maybe you are wrong even though India didn’t do well against New Zealand in ICC tournaments for last 15 years.

Are you curious about what could be the denying factor for the Indian Team? Here we have listed the reasons below.

1) Hectic Schedule

Source: insidesport

Before the big tournament starts, Indian players played half of the IPL tournament which could be fatigue physically as well as mentally, you may argue they are international level players they can overcome this issue but you can’t deny that they are human beings too. definitely, It will have an impact on them.

2)Struggle of Indian Spinners:

This is one of the major reasons why India is struggling in the knockouts. When spinners are not delivering, India is not having an off day while bowling. Against New Zealand, in the 2019 world cup, semi-final spinners made a difference from both sides. New Zealand spinners were more effective than Indian Spinners on that day. That’s why India couldn’t score in the middle overs, eventually losing to a runner-up of the World cup 2019 maybe this factor will be a headache for India’s chance.

Ashwin’s inclusion may turn the cards for the tournament organising nation. he was economical during the warmup match against England.

3) Trend of New winner in each ICC tournament


India, Srilanka, Australia, West Indies, Pakistan, England, New Zealand – These are the winners from the ICC tournament from the year of 2013 respectively.

Who knows we may witness the new champion in this edition of the WorldCup, Maybe South Africa? What is your view on this? do comment before going to the next reason.

4) India has to face West Indies in Knockouts

during the ICC World Twenty20 India 2016 Semi-Final match between West Indies and India at Wankhede Stadium on March 31, 2016 in Mumbai, India. source:BCCI

We all know how West Indies is a dangerous side in this cricket world, That’s why they are having more T20 world cups on their name. Even India is not facing New Zealand in the knockouts they have to face West Indies in knockouts. If it is so it could be re-playing the video of the semi-final match, T20 world cup 2016. In that time West Indies overpowered Indians by hitting six for fun. 

And currently, West Indies are in good form and they have won the series against Australians. They have won the first three matches on the trot to win the five-match series.