Who would forget that Yuvraj’s six sixes in one over against Stuart Broad, those days it’s goosebumps to see him in the batting especially in the limited over cricket, without a doubt he was one of the reasons for India’s T20 world cup win and 2011 world cup win.

He celebrated his friendship day by remembering his old times with his best buddies through posting a video on Twitter.

Surprisingly, he left MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli. Even though Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh had good memories in the field, both were regarded as dangerous combos in their prime time.

Yuvraj Singh’s father used to criticize MS Dhoni for not including him in 2015 over world cup, but that time Yuvraj told himself and then captain are good friends

“I don’t have any control over what my father says. But I have never said Mahi {Mahendra Singh Dhoni} had thrown me out of the team. I want to make it clear that we are good friends and I never had any problems with Mahi. He is a friend and will remain forever.” – Yuvraj Singh

Another Cricketer who left out in the friends list of Yuvraj Singh is none other than Virat Kohli, in a recent interview Yuvraj praised Virat Kohli, and he played IPL with Virat in the same team in IPL

‘Great to watch him grow as a cricketer’: Yuvraj Singh says Virat Kohli has already become a ‘legend’ at 30

“Virat showed some great promise when he came on board. The moment he got the opportunities, he grabbed them. That’s how he took a spot in the World Cup (Indian squad) because he was very young at that time. And it was between him and Rohit. At that time, Virat was scoring runs. That’s the reason, Virat got the spot. And compared to now, there is a complete change in him,” Yuvraj told this to Times of India.

‘Great to watch him grow as a cricketer: Yuvraj Singh says Virat Kohli has already become a ‘legend’ at 30.

But recent Tweet from Yuvraj Singh left Indian fans with different opinions about their friendship. here we have shared some of the reactions from the fans, and some of them trolling Yuvraj Singh for this video.