"Catch of the Year" - Durex vs Suanholm, European Cricket League

If anyone will ask you, which is the best ever catch you have ever seen in the cricket field, so which will come to you mind? But we will tell you that whatever the catch you are thinking of is nothing compared to the catch we have brought for you here.

As a cricket fan, you can never get bored, because there is enough cricket happening around the globe for fans to enjoy. And here we are talking about one of the cricket leagues in one part of the world. And it’s not the Bangladesh Premier League nor the Pakistan Super League. It is a T10 league being played in Spain, which is a European Cricket League.

In the 6th match of the European Cricket League, Dreux locked horns against Svanholm. The Svanholm skipper, Hamid Shah, won the toss and chose to bowl. Batting first, Dreux lost their wickets at the regular interval. And the wicket of Kamran Ahmadzai caught the attention of the world cricket fans. Ahmadzai, who was looking good, smashed the first ball of the eighth over from Abdulllah Mahmood straight down the ground and it was looking like it would go for another six.

But then came the flying dive from Hamid Shah, who caught the ball with one hand while flying in the air and completed an unbelievable catch. And everyone on the field was amazed to see that incredible effort by Hamid. So we have brought you the highlight of that catch, which will definitely be one of the best catches you will ever see. 

Fans were also amazed to see that amazing fielding effort from Hamid.