The Indian cricket team has been handed a boost as wicket-keeper batsman Rishabh Pant has returned to the squad after recovering from Covid-19 in England. Pant, who had not stayed in the team hotel during the 20-day break period, tested positive on July 8. 

After completing 10 days of the isolation period, followed by two RT-PCR negative reports and proper cardio check-ups which are mandatory before joining the team.

“Source- BCCI”

Pant’s keeping has been safe and the young lad has shown eagerness to learn with every game which is pleasing. With MS Dhoni announcing his retirement from international cricket, Pant appears to be the perfect successor to keep the legacy going for the wicketkeeper-batsman slot in the Indian team. In February 2021, Pant was named the Men’s Player of the Month in the first edition of the ICC Player of the Month Awards.

Talking to, ” It’s been an amazing journey because I have seen lots of ups and downs in my early career, But it has been a good learning for me because as a cricketer you evolve and you will learn from the mistake, improve yourself and come back to the ground and just perform well, that’s the only thing every cricketer is trying to do so that I am glad I learned from my mistake and I capitalized whatever opportunity I got after that”, Pant said.

Delhi boy remembered about his debut match in Nottingham talking about his debut Pant told, “I was 19 or 20 that time when I got the opportunity to play for the test team and I debuted in Nottingham It was like dream come true because my coach he always tells if you are not a test player I don’t count you as an international player”.

Further, he added that he called his coach to inform him about his debut, and he told that was the happiest moment.

Talking about his improvements Delhi Capitals wicket-keeper said that in the last one year he evolved more and he trusts his process to get the results.

Talking about seniors he told that he is learning from Rohit Sharma about handling the match situation, from Virat Kohli the techniques. “As a player, I just want to learn from each and every person” he concluded

Earlier he answered in Rapid-fire,

“Fun 5 Rapid Fire with Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant
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“Interesting Responses to BCCI Questions”-

1.First Thing that You check on your Phone when you Wake up?

“Pant has a topsy-tuvy response as he stated” He wakes due to his Alarm so that the thing is to see first”

2.Your Selfie Pose?

“Pant is not at all a Selfie King Type ” He responds to that he prefers to be clicked from Back Camera instead of Front Camera”

3.An Instagram Post that is very Close to your Heart?

“Pant answers to this Quiz by paying respect to, “MAHI BHAI,” says the post involves a click of him receiving ODI Cap from his idol “MAHI BHAI”

4.Your Most Used Emoji?

“Pant is a joyful Personality, so he prefers to use Laughing Emoji mostly “

5.What do you like to photograph the most?

“Pant is a nature lover Human, and he auguments to click Nature Click “