We are living in a world where people are thinking their favorite players should be everyone’s favorite if not they will abuse other’s favorite players or abuse them. But some people are exempt from this toxic.

Many times we have witnessed this, during the cricket matches, some fans taking this to next level.

In the latest event, on Twitter one user has reported “A young woman cricket journalist from India is forced to deactivate her Tweet account. Why? She posted a joke on MS Dhoni. His fans have hounded her with rape threats & abuse on Insta & Twitter. These fan clubs of Indian cricketers are vile & have to be taken to task. Pathetic.”

If this information is true, even MS Dhoni won’t accept that they are his fan, no person in this world don’t want this from their followers. We everyone having our own idol but it doesn’t mean others should keep praising our favorite players. Because if someone is telling some wrong thing about our beloved player, it will not make our favorite player down, it shows another person’s immaturity only.

Reacting to that tweet many people blamed on this act,