Nothing beats an individual in dressing, regardless of whether it’s a tactical dress or sports clothing. Athletes have consistently had their character, a swank look they convey with them close by their allure. These men are dedicated, who show great athlete soul, applying to bring their group as victorious and they have certain allure and style. Here in the beneath article, we will reveal a rundown of the main 10 most attractive cricketers on the planet.

10. Shadab Khan – PAKISTAN

Shadab Khan is a ‘very attractive package’, says Misbah-ul-Haq after vital innings. This 30-year-old has shot some of the exclusive Photographs in his best friend Hassan Ali’s Wedding Ceremony, turning up the whole limelight towards himself. He ranks 10th as the most Handsome and maintained cricketer from Pakistan.

9. Pat Cummins – AUSTRALIA

Pat Cummins was young and thrillingly quick but never fit long enough to make an impact. This 27 yr old is presently one of the most handsome quick bowlers in the world. His looks are comparable to his bowling. He has even taken an interest in a ton of photoshoots and is by all accounts an ideal cast for a Hollywood film.

8.Shakib Al Hasan- Bangladesh

The Bangladeshi all-rounder is one of the reasons for the renaissance of Bangladesh Cricket, one of the best cricketers in the cricketer field, not only in the field. he is the one the most handsome cricketer in the present, the 34-years old cricketer is the 8th Most handsome cricketer in the world.

7.Manish Pandey- INDIA

Another exceptionally alluring figure in Indian cricket, Manish Pandey plays the style game incredibly here and there on the field. He is a tasteful batsman, astounding defender, and is likewise outstanding amongst others with regards to photoshoots and public appearances. His Instagram profile is intelligent of his character as he has posted some extremely sharp pictures of him turn smart and tidied upward.

The 29-year-old is additionally cast a ballot as the fourteenth most positive man by Bangalore Times in and around the Garden City.

6.Jason Roy-England

Quite possibly the most beautiful cricketers from various perspectives, Jason Roy is nothing to joke about in English cricket. The 28-year-old brought into the world in South Africa made immense in-streets over the most recent couple of years and is a vital individual from the current English crew.

He is an extremely alluring individual with enrapturing looks, making a ton of young ladies pound over. He likewise works a great deal on his hairstyling, which will in general be not extremely crazy, however exceptionally tasteful.